Washington State Will Have A Sin Tax


Simplicity Simplified Much Need Low Lower Tax Rate !! !


Washington's Government Run Oil Refinery, Refueling Gas Stations 


Pick Up A Six Pack Of Soda, Drumstick Wings, Twinkie And A Candy Bar


Chaaa-Ching All Goes Back To The Washington Much Needed Revenue


Irrational Exuberance Yippy Yea Ka Yea Windfall For All ! !


Washington Will Have


Totally Free Medical, Dental, Vision






A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste Bring It On M.I.T Of America


Free Tuition At All Levels .. . Community, State, University College's


High Court Your Majesty $1.85 Regular, 92 Octane High Test Supreme


Light Sweet Crude, Black Gold, Texas Tea, 99 Cent Arizona Sweet Tea 


Ladies And Gents, Madam Mom Pops, Granny Gramps Start Your Engines


Back In The Black And We Won't Look Back


Washington's Refueling Stations


Hallelujah Amen




Seattle City Hall 

Please Purdy Please Loose The Sugar Tax