Washington's Hellishness Sin Tax 101a No Worries Simplicity Simplified

Heavens Gate, Key To The City, Gate Keeper Will Master The Possibilities

Washington's Own Run Governmental Oil Refinery, Refueling Gasoline Stations 

Pick Up A Six Pack Of Root Beer, Soda Pop, Hot Wings, Hot Dog And A Twinkie

Cha-Ching All Goes Back To The Washington State's Much Needed Revenue

Irrational Exuberance ' Zippy Yah Ka Yeah ' Common Sense Rational Exuberance

Show Me State, Big Apple YE OLE FATHER GOD Show Us The Way 

Showboat Leads By Example

Two Bits, Four Bits, ' Bitcoins ' Cryptocurrency A Dollar

Shine Bright Like A Diamond


We Have The Power Of The Glow

Mo Money, Mo Money, Show Me The Money

Washington Spread The Wealth Major Windfall For All

Heaven Your High Court Majesty 

$1.72 Regular, $1.75 Ethyol Top It Off 92 Octane GOD THE FATHER High Test Supreme

N.A.F.T.A  Friendly Neighbors Canada, Mexico We Believe

Light Sweet Crude Oil Black Gold Texas Tea, Filler Up 99 Cent Arizona Sweet Tea

Heaven To Betsy 

What The Hell, What The Hey ?

 Ladies And GentsMom And Pop's, Granny Gramps

Start Your Engines, Search Engines

Mo Money, Mo Money

Joshua, Caleb

Cadence Please Up, Two, Three, Four

Seattle Has A Welcome Mat At The Door


Parting Of The Red Sea

Paint The Town Red

Once We Go Black

We Won't Look Back