Washington State Sin Tax 101a Simplicity Simplified

Washington's Own Self Run Government Oil Refinery, Refueling Gasoline Stations 

Pick Up A Six Pack Of Soda Pop, Beer, Hot Dog, Drumstick Thigh Wings, Twinkie And A Candy Bar

Cha-Ching All Goes Back To The Washington State Much Needed Revenue

Irrational Exuberance Yippie Yah Ka Yea Washington Spread The Wealth Major Windfall For All

Your High Court Majesty $1.72 Regular, Filler Up With Ethyol Top It Off 92 Octane High Test Supreme

N.A.F.T.A Light Sweet Crude Oil Black Gold Texas Tea, Filler Up 99 Cent Arizona Sweet Tea 

Ladies And Gents, Madam Mom & Pops, Granny Gramps Start Your Engine's Search Engines

Mo Money Mo Money Washington Back In The Black And We Won't Look Back