King County Governmental Refueling Gas Station's And Oil Refineries

Pick Up A Six Pack Of Root Beer, Hot Diggity Dog And A Twinkie

All The Revenue Goes Back Adding To U.B.I' $1,200.00

$1.75 Regular, $1.85 Ethyol, Give Glory 92 Octane High Test Supreme

Black Gold Texas Tea, $0.99 Cents Arizona Sweet Tea

Two Bits, Four Bits, Bit Coins, Crypto-currency A Dollar 

Seattle's Am/Pm Gas Stations Cash Register's Cha-ching

N.A.F.T.A In We Believe

Mexico's Light Sweet Crude Oil, Alaska Purdhoe Bay

Filler Up Top It Off Oil Gusher In Seattle

Barrel Of Oil, Barrel Of Laughs, Showboat In A Drum

I'd Walk A Mile To Hear Honorable Ethical Ethic's

 Goodwill Ambassador Showboat Dave'Wisdom