Showboat Dave Your Lone Voice In Seattle City Hall

R.I.C.O. Act

R.I.C.O. In Seattle

Hotels, Motels Aurora Avenue, Auto Body Chop Shops

Take Back Our Neighborhoods And Streets

 Round'm Up

 Board'm Up

  R.I.C.O. In Seattle

Game Face No Same To Our Game

Drones On Aurora Ave And Where Need Be

We Have Nothing To Hide

 After All We Legalize Ghanja, Pakoyolo And DaKine'

Sleepless In Seattle We Sleep Better With A Peaceful Protest In Mind

Showboat Ishii Will Advocate Lobby Bring Back Our Two Female Chick's

At The Helm

Two Former Police Chief's

Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole And Carmen Best

Two Of Seattle's Finest

Carmen Best

If Looks Could Only


What's That Four Letter Word ____



Supposedly She Available


  I'm Just A Little Guy Good Things Comes In A Small Package ?

Carmen Work Her Butt Off In-between Shook A Tail Feather 

Personally To Hire And Hand Pick Carmen's Pick's

Best Of The Best

One-hundred-nineteen Recruited Police Officers

Only To Be Handed A Pink Slip

Defund The Police

Seattle City Hall Crazy As You Want To Be

Mofongo Chingotho

Serious Crime Is Rapidly On The Rise

Who Ya Gonna Call 911, Ghostbusters

You've Been Slimed


Black Live's Matters

Take Crack Shots At Carmen Best Home

Will Color Me Purple

All Live's Matters

   All Lives !

Peaceful Protest Can Be A Good Thing

If Thing Get Out Of Hand

I Will Equip Our National Guards And SPD Police With Non Lethal 

Non Lethal Weapons, Non Lethal

Sound Waves Pointed At The Adonis

You'll Surely ' Poop ' Your Pants

Sh_t Happens

Peaceful Protest

Purdy Please Purdy

 Don't Forget The Megaphones And Protest Signs

Purdy Please Purdy

Don't Forget To Tote Your Diaper Bag's

Tough On Crime

Seattle Goodwill Ambassador

The Good Samaritan

Galloping Ghost

Dancing Traffic Cop

Showboat Dave