Leave The Driving To King County Metro And Sound Transit

Public Transportation The Only Way To Ride 

Road Rage


Rumble Seat's

Gridlock I 405 S-Curve Heading North Break Out The Compass

Ye Ole Jalopy And Clunker's

Beep Beep


Triple AAA

Don't Fail Me Now

King County's Fare Free

All Paid For By Web Portals And Search Engines

Pay Per Click

Click It

Highways, Byways


Autobahn Freeways

Bullet Trains, Street Car Trolley, Light Rail, Monorail

Cheaper Than A Tank Of Gas, S & H Green Stamps Will Get You There

Jeepneys In Seattle, Ride Free Zone, Joy Ride The Jeepneys

All Busses Will Have Engraved Etched On The Seat


  Good GOD !

Give Glory

In Memory Of

Rosa Parks And Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King

M.L.k And Rainier Avenue

Woo Woo All Aboard

We All Ride Shotgun On A Double Decker Bus

Fore Scores, Back To The Future Many Eons Ago Our Fore Fathers

  Seattle City Planners The Infrastructure What-up ?

 Hands In The Cookie Jar, Shake & Bake, Oh The Gridlock !

Grease My Palms

Hell Bent


Jack Frost, Black Ice



Open Wide For Chunky

Slippery When Wet

Hicksville Small Town Mentality

Good Things Comes In A Small Package ?

Mercer Street And Westlake

Downtown Third Avenue

The Infrastructure


Up Yours

Traffic Congestion

Custard Last Stand

It's A Cluster F___K

Get Ghost

What A Mess

Ghost Riders

Rhymes And Reason's

Mass Transit

To Our Fore Fathers 

Sing-a-long Cowboy

   Spurred Or Saddled ? 

Anyway You Like It

Road Rage



Sing-a-long With Seattle

Follow The Bouncing Ball

Honorable Ethical Ethic's

Goodwill Ambassador


Showboat Dave