' " Universal Basic Income UBI $1,200.00 A Month " '


Trickle-up-up And Away Economy

People Families And Communities

    Where Does The Revenue Come From ?

Showboat Dave's

' Washington's Governmental ' " { Web Portal, Search Engine } " '  

Washington State I.T. Data Center


Google, MSN, Yahoo, A.O.L .. Ask Jeeves Ask 





Pennies From Heaven Back Up The Armored Truck

' ' " Pay Per Click Advertisements Revenue " ' '

" ' { Also Taxing All Web Portals, Search Engines } ' "

Ga-zillions And Billions Of Dollars To Fund Our Much Needed Programs


Free Health, Dental, Vision Obama Care Covers Like A Umbrella 

When It Rains It Pours 


Free Tuition University Colleges, State Colleges, Community Colleges,

Trade Schools, Daycare Centers, K-12


Parks And Recreation, Library's

 Sunday A Day Of Rest Time To Rest Your Bogets

Take Heed Fellowship Pay Per Click Massive Revenue


Washington's State Governmental

 ' Pay Per Click Advertisements '

 Web Portal, Search Engine

 Run On The Bank

Shake Down

Bah Hum Bug

Seattle Strong


   ' Break The Bank ' !


Ethical Ethic's 

Showboat Dave

Show Me The Money

The Good Samaritan's

Stimulus Package 101a


Get Things Done

Speed Of Light 

Albert Einstein's Relativity Speed Of Light 

E=MC2 Square

     Answers Solution's For Washingtons Needs

Showboat Dave

Speed Of Light

E=MC2 Square

It's A Done Deal

Lowering Taxes For Washington



" Pay Per Click "

' Search Engine's '

Adds Much More To Washington's Coffer And Kitty


  ' " U.B.I. $1,200.00 "

Born Again Washington

 Born Again

  The Rebirth 

The Path To Funding Washington Is Straight And Narrow


If That Not A Cats Meow


Hello Kitty Kitty


   Who's The Genius Now ?


 Honorable Honest 

Showboat Dave