Universal Basic Income $1,200.00 A Month

Trickle-up-up And Away Economy For Our People, Families And Communities

Where Does The Revenue Come From ?  United States Of America Government Search Engine

Google, MSN, Yippy Yea Ka Yea Yahoo, Ask Jeeves Ask A.O.L .. . Bada-Bing

Washington Back Up The Armor Trucks 

Pay Per Click Revenue Ga-zillions Of Dollars To Fund Washingtons Much Needed Programs 

Rest Assured Covers Like A Umbrella Where Needs Be When It Rains It Pours 

Free Health, Dental, Vision Free Tuition University, State, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, K-12

Parks And Rec., Library's A Mind Is Terrible Thing To Waste Take Heed Massive Revenue

Washington's Web Portal Search Engine


Washingtons Stimulus Package 101a


The Good Samaritan


Faster Than You Can Say

Albert Einstein E=MC2 Square

If That Not A Cats Meow

Hello Kitty Kitty


      Who's The Genius Now ?