Homeless Veterans Survival Mode In The Loop

Good Samaritan Ethical Ethic's Dave The Little Shepherd That Could

Titans And Goliath Play In The Mud, Mud Sling Above The Belt Keep It Clean

Down Goes Goliath

Down Goes The Titans

Play With My Sling Shot

Out Goes The Sin

Book Of Ephesian Surround Yourself Body Armor

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines America Strong

Wikipedia United States Navy Naval Museum Ships

USS Midway Aircraft Carrier, Battleships

Holland America, Princess Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line Ships

Low Barrier Long Term Homes And Shelter For Our Family's And Veterans 

Councilors,  MedicalStaff,  Food Galley's,  Schools,  Trade,  Work Force

Work It Boy's And Girls Work It

The Wicked Get Behind Us Political Panthers Foundation Built On A Rock

Veterans Strong Thank You For Your Service Say It Loud We All Proud

Up Two Three Four David Ishii United States Navy Vietnam Era Veteran

Serotonin, Endorphins Catch A Feeling Heaven To Betsy I'm Floating On A Cloud

Rain Sleet Shine Or Snow Nailed To The Cross Out On The Streets Rest In Peace 

Will Get To The Mountaintop When Life Wasn't Worth A Hill Of Beans  

To All The Good Samaritan's Concrete Back Under Our Feet

Bridge Shelters Down Under Underground Tour City Built On Top Of A City

  Operation Underground City ... Hotel, Motels,  ' " Operation Capsule Hotels " '

Say Hey Jeff Bezo Work It Calling Amazon / Elon Musk ...Tesla.... Bore.com

   Bore Tunnels Underground Cities Pitch Tent " Operation Capsule Hotel "

Waste Here, Waste There Read'm Sweep'm Back Up The Dump Truck

Litter Here, Litter There, Litter Everywhere What A Mess

 Keep Seattle,Washington Beautiful


Whimsical World Of Honorable Honest Ethical Ethics Dave

Quite Whimsy

' Seattle '

" Can I Get A Witness '

  ' Dam Skippy '

Mothball, Dry Docks, Merchant Marines, Cruise Line Ships ... Ship's Ahoy

' Navy Naval Museum Ships '

' " Operation Capsule Hotels " '

A Goodnight Sleep Day Of Rest

May The Spirit Of GOD Rest Upon You


Break Out The Wallets

 Hands In Your Pockets

Hole In The Pocket


Back Up The Brinks Truck


Born Again Bobbleheads

Born Again Seattle

Honorable Honest Dave In Your Pocket

Will To The Promised Land

Our Eyes Will See The Glory

Look To The Left, Look To The Right

Look Straight Ahead Oops There He Is

Ethical Ethics Dave

   Hallelujah Amen !


  City Built On Top Of A City Burr ' Bah Humbug '

Sleepless Homeless In Seattle, No Worries I David Ishii Was Once Homeless Myself


Pray, Text, Call, Hashtag Sum It Up Write A Blog

Hope Answered

All Lives Matters

All People Matters

Where All GOD'S Creatures

It Totally Matters 

Goodness Gracious

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

24/7 Day And Night

New Lease On Life

Let The Sun In 

  Let There Be Light !