Sleepless Homeless In Seattle

David Ishii Galloping Ghost Showboat Dave Lived A Life Of Homelessness

Covid-19 Variant Pandemic Grows The Homeless Population Grows

Showboat'Many Wonderful Solutions

Blessed Are We In Seattle A City Built On Top Of Underground City

Pioneer Square Doc Maynards Underground Tour 

  Underground City Of ' Capsule Hotels '!

Hotels Motels ' Capsule Hotels '!

   Wiki Google 'Capsule Hotels'!!

Litter Here, Waste There

Back Up The Gargbage Trucks

What A Mess

Capsule Hotels

Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight

Emerald City, Jet City

GOD Bless America

Keep Seattle Beautiful


Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines

We The People Of Greater Seattle, Washington

Veterans Of The Armed Forces

Thanks You For Your Service

Wiki Wiki

     Navy Naval Museum Ships ! 

Mothballed Dry Docked

Bremerton, Everett Several Ports About

Navy Museum Ship Aircraft Carrier USS Midway

Places 4,500 Men And Women Alone

Long Term Low Barrier Shelter And Homes

Medical Clinics

Health, Dental, Vision

Food Galley's

Councilor's Advocate 

Leap Of Faith

A Change Is Coming

What's Up Doc

Purdy Please Purdy

Tweak Your Meds

Ship Ahoy 

Drop Anchor

Yo-He-Ho  Yo-Ho


 All Live's Matters !

All Live's


Land Ho


Seattle And King County Section 8 HUD Housing Vouchers

Lottery System A Casinos Craps Roll Hum ?  Everybody's A Winner

Section 8 The Hard Way Luck Of The Dice

Pass Line Don't Pass 

Coming Out Seven Yo Eleven Thee Ole Coriander Roll

 Section 8 The Hard Way ? ' Hum ' Bah Hum Bug 

Showboat Dave The Good Samaritan Rolls The Dice

Centerfield Roll 8 Easy, Section 8 HUD Vouchers The Easy Way

No Worries Sleep Tight Galloping Ghost Showboat Dave Has Your Backs

Search Engines Here, Web Portals There, ' Pay Per Click ' Everywhere

Will Place You In A Home 

Tapp Your Heal Three Times

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Theres No Place Like Home

Theres No Place Like Home

HUD Moving Voucher's

Theres No Place Like Home

Your Free To Roam About This Country

Showboat'Foundation Built On Rock

A Place Of Your Own You Can Call Home

Home Sweet Home

Big Bertha

Hitachi Tunnel Drilling Corporation

We Bore Tunnels Underground 

When Showboat Speak's Greater Seattle, King County Listens

Trick Or Treat ' Hum ' Seattle Turns A Trick We Work Our Magic

Seattle We Layer Underneath

The Secret To Amazon Success And Why Amazon Never Stop Growing

 It Keeps Layering Division Underneath 

 Top Heavy ?

 Op's The Cats Out Of The Bag

Hello Kitty

Hello Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Washington Post

 Public Relations  


Research And Development

R & D

Read All About It 

Amazons Capsule Hotels

City That Amazon Built

Enquires Minds Want's To Know

Would You Be Kind Enough Donate To The Homeless Cause

Hotel, Motels,

Villages Of Underground Cities

Capsule Hotels


A Just Man Goodwill Ambassador

Galloping Ghost Showboat Dave

Rising Rent's, Mortgage, Property Tax

Landlords Rebel Without A Cause

Showboat's Interregnal Plan With A Cause

We To Layer Cities, Towns And Villages Underground

The House That Seattle, King County Build's

The House That Showboat Build's

Hobbit House's

Tree House

House That The Nome's Built

All Funded By A Search Engine

Pay Per Click

Bilbo Baggins Purdy Please Purdy Take A Number

Low Mortgage And Rent

Homestead Pitch Tent

Negative Interest Rates

We Drive Down The Cost Of Mortgage And Rent's

Free Property Tax Free Revenue Generated By Seattle's Search Engine

Free Property Tax Passed On Down To Landlords

Showboat's Trickle Down Economy 101a

Many Incentives Lowering The Cost Of Rent

  After All We Do Not Want Slumlords !

Price Point


Creating Competition Competing For Rent And Mortgage

From Down Under

Pure In Heart, Rich In Mind

To Wonderfull World Of The Philanthropies

Jeff Bezos, Howard Shultz, Mister Misses Burkes Family Dakine'

Could You Spare A Popeye's Nickel, Penny And A Dime

Burr It's Cold Out Here

Sleepless In Seattle

Climatize, Snowbird, Central Air

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

New ' Lease ' On Life

Skylights, Skylights

Shine On Seattle

Let There Be Light


Diplomats And Dignitary's 

Waldorf Astoria Of New York

Manhattan's Class Act

Waldorf Astoria Of Seattle

Vacant Lot Across City Hall

When Showboat Speaks 

Seattle Listen's



Ben Carson Say's 

Welfare Is By Way Of Choice

I Say It Often Can Be

Homeless About

Survival Mode

It Takes High, High Hustle And Skills To Be Homeless

I David Ishii Learn What It's Like To Be Homeless In Seattle

I Said Too Three Able Looking Kids

You Can Flip Hamburgers At McDonalds

 Make Fifteen Dollars An Hour $15.00 An Hour !

Two Of Three Kids Said And Repeatedly

I'd Rather Be Homeless And Be Lazy

I'd Rather Be Homeless And Be Lazy

Can You Spare A Quarter, Plug Nickel Or A Dime

   Cardboard Sign Says ( Will Work For Food ) ?

Next Time Hand'm A Gift Certificate Of Your Choice

Feed Though's Receptor's

Catch A Feeling

Serotonins, Endorphins

  Dopemine ?

If You Have No Talent Or Education

Learn A Trade

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Go Back And Get Your G.E.D.

King County Metro Bus Drivers Alone Tops Out About $36.00 An Hour

Theres Shortage Of Construction Workers, Nurses And C.D.L Truck Drivers

Snowbird, Climatize Your Free To Roam About This Earth

Tent City 

Roll'm, Roll'm, Roll'm

   Piece Work ? 

 Slim Pickings

Apple's, Artichokes And Lettuce

My Michelle  

John Lennon, Paul, George And Ringo

Fab Four

Hey Jude

Strawberry Field Forever

Keep The Peace

Peace Corp

Keep Tent City Moving