Little Fishy's Spawn Be Fruitful And Multiply Born Free As You Want To Be

Mister Gorbachev Please Tear Down These Dam Walls Dammit

Whole Pacific Rim Molten Lava Near The Surface 

Geothermal Energy

Drive By Fly By Look Below Active Plumes On Top Of Mount Rainier

Heat Of Passion Abundance Of Water Heat Of Molten Lava Blessed Are We

Spin Those Turbines Washington Clean Energy Cheap Energy Come Clean

Jolly Green Giant Go Fly A Kite Windmill Kite

Two Thumbs Up Way Up Windmill Kites Constant Turbulence In The Sky


M.I.T Purdy Please Ween Us Off All Fossil Fuel Purdy Please

Saudi Arabia Aramco Oil Is Getting Out Of The Oil Business

The Saudi's Are Going All The Way Live Solar Energy Harnessing The Desert Sun

Perfecta Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy, Windmill Kites Three Way Trifecta

Wonderful World Of Mother Nature

Most Helpful In Every Way

Odd's On Favorites

Go Green

You Bet's Ya