David Showboat Ishii

Seattle's Goodwill Ambassador 

The Galloping Ghost Showboat Dave









 Shift Gear's With Showboat Dave

Ease On Down The Road 

Scroll, Stroll, Scroll


David Ishii

Seattle's Goodwill Ambassador Galloping Ghost Showboat Dave

Mother Nature Bore Gave Birth On The Duwamish River

Seattle, Washington  August 1, 1956

Artist, Sculptor, Song Writer, Poet

Rainer Beach High School Life's Adventures Learned A lot

Educated Through The School Of Hard Knox 

United States Navy Vietnam Era Veteran

Airman, Seaman Sailed Parts Of The 7th Seas

Port Of Call San Diego, California Foot Of 32nd Street

  Fly Girls, Fly Boys

  Fly By 

Seattle City Council Defund The S.P.D 

City Hall Thats A Negative The Flight Pattern Is Closed

Airman Galloping Ghost Showboat Dave

San Diego Cali's Miramar Naval Air Station

Secret Service

Guardian Angel's

Serve And Protect


Voice Forensic My Secret Judge

So Help Me GOD

 The FATHER Is My Witness

All Allies Matters

All Live's Matters

  All Live's  !


Say It Loud

   Let My People Go !

Joshua, Caleb Will Get To The Promised Land

Cadence Please

Up, Two, Three, Four

Social Justice

Social Butterflies

There's A Welcome Mat At The Door


Run ShowboaRun

Political Arena Is Like A Box Of Chocolate

You Never Know Whatcha Ya Gonna Get

   Titans & Goliath Play In The Mud, Sling Mud

Stupid Is, Is What A Stupid Does

Showboat Dave, David The Little Shepard That Could 

 Mudslinger's Slingshot

Mud Wrestle

Shot At The Title

Rock, Paper, Scissors

You Could've Of Been A Contend-a 

Down Goes Goliath

Down Goes The Titans

Thrill-a In Seattle City Hall

Down Goes The Incumbent

Rope A Dope

Word To The Wise

Knock It Out Of The Park

Back, Back, Back

Wicked Ole Candidate's Not Need Apply

It's A Grand Salami

Lions, Tigers And Bears

My Oh My

Albert Einsteins E=MC2 Square

Seattle's Relativity E=MC2 Square

The Galloping Ghost 

Politically Correct

Showboat In Your Pocket Time To Get Real 

Answers And Solutions

Mission Impossible

Beam Me Up Seattle

It's A Done Deal


Lights, Camera, Action, Roll'm

U.B.I. $1,200.00

Film At Eleven

Hello Kitty If That's Not A Cats Meow


   Who's The Genius Now  ?


All Lives Matter's

All Live's

Were All GOD's Creature It Totally Matter's   

Pray, Text, Hashtag

What-up Make The Call

Purdy Please Write A Blog

In GOD We Trust 

E pluribus Unum

United As One

Can You Dig It

Give Glory

My I Tip My Hat To You 

GOD Bless

Whimsical World Of Showboat Dave

Oh So Whimsy

Can I Get A Witness

   Damn Skippy !

I Approve Of These's Messages

Appreciate This Song

Heaven To Betsy

  ' " Galloping Ghost " ' 

Showboat Dave