Mass Transit, Rapid Transit For All The Multitudes


Woo Woo All Aboard


    Four Fold, Many Fold Buses .. . 

Bus Schedules 

Keep Time Stopwatch 

Buses Here, Light Rail There

Connections Everywhere


Bullet Trains Crisscrossing The Greater Pacific Northwest


Bottleneck, Road Rage Hum ? Bottle It Up, Hush Up .. .

Public Transportation

Cheaper Than A Tank Of Gas

 S. & H. Green Stamps .. . Stamp Out Gridlock


Ride Free Zone

Locals Tourist 

Jeepney's Jeepney's Jeepney's

Beep Beep Ahooouga 

Joyride Throughout Downtown


Every Buss & Buses Will Have Engraved

    Rosa Parks Seat ! !

 All Lives Matter,

  All Genders Matters,


   James Stewart  " Mister Smith Goes To Washington " .. .

Bah Humbug

David Ishii 

Goes To Washington D.C.

 Advocate For

    Rapid Mass Public Transit