Mass Transit For All 

Woo-woo Seattle Proper All Aboard

Five Fold, Multiply Many Fold Buses

Keep The Faith Leave The Driving To Public Transit 

Buses Here Light Rail There ' GP'' Breakout The Compass 

Connections Everywhere

Bullet Trains, Bullet Trains Crisscrossing America The Great Northwest

Bottleneck Road Rage ' Hum ' ?  Hush Up Bottle It Up 

Public Transportation Cheaper Than A Tank Of Gas

S & h Green Stamps Stamp Out Gridlock

Chariot's Of A Third Kind 

Welcome To The Twilight Zone 

Welcome To Parking Around Town

Locals Tourist Wikipedia Jeepney's

Ride The Jeepney's

Beep Beep Ahooouga

Joy Ride The Jeepney's

Ride Free Zone


James Stewart ' Mister Smith Goes To Washington '


Obedience Faith The Righteous

Showboat Goes To Washington D.C 

Advocate's For Much Needed Mass Transit

D.C Metro Washington D.

 Showboat Dave Insist And We'll Have It No Other Way

Every Buss In This Country Will Have Engraved


.. ... ' " Rosa Parks Seats " ' !. ! ..


Metro Transit, Sound Transit

All In A Days Fun

  We All Ride Shotgun   


All Lives Matter

  All Genders Matters

All GOD'S Creatures Matters

We Are The World

We All In It Together

Heaven To Betsy

The Human Race That's What Totally Matters