Mass Transit For All The Multitudes Woo Woo All Aboard Five Fold Many Fold Buses 

Bus Schedules Keep Time Stopwatch 

Buses Here Light Rail There ' G.P.S. ' Breakout The Compass Connections Everywhere

Bullet Trains, Bullet Trains Crisscrossing America The Great Northwest

Bottleneck Road Rage ' Hum ' ?  Hush Up Bottle It Up 

Public Transportation Cheaper Than A Tank Of Gas

S & H Green Stamps Stamp Out Gridlock

Ride Free Zone Locals Tourist Jeepneys Beep Beep Ahoouga Joy Ride The Jeepneys


Every Buss Will Have Engraved

 Rosa Parks Seat

 All Lives Matter

  All Genders Matters

All GOD'S Creatures Matters

We All In It Together Human Race That's What Matters