Showboat Dave

Seattle Strong

Pound The Pavement 

We Hit The Streets 

Word Up

Concrete Under Our Feet

Honest Abe

Honorable Honest 

Ethical Ethic'

                 Showboat Dave                 

Practically Sinless In Every Way





Tis The Season

We Got To Do What We Got To Do For

Rock & Roll

Showboat Leads The Way

Show Me State, Land Of Enchantment, Big Apple

Game Face No Shame To Our Game

All For One

One For All

Seattle Strong

Rebirth New In You

Born Again

  Play Ball !

 Baseball, Hotdog, Apple Pie Hey 

Granny, Gramps



Cheek's Of Salmon

Gastronomical Dreams

Cheers Salute

Bottoms Up


Purdy Please

Have A Swig


Showboat Dave Family's And Friends

We Play Like Mays 

Usain Bolt 9:58 Nine Five Eight


David's Army Eats Lighting

Passing Sin Out Goes The Thunder

Run Dave Run

Political Arena Is Like A Box Of Chocolate

You Never Know What Your Going To Get 

Crooks, Wise Guy's

 Grease My Palms ?


Dropped The Soap

Ops Slipped

Caution Sign Under The Yellow

My Oh My

Slippery When Wet

A Stupid Is, Is What A Stupid Does

Out Goes The Evil

Back, Back, Back

Knock It Out Of The Park

My Oh My

Seattle Strong

Say It Loud


Open Wide

Kodak Moment, Youtube Moment 


Cheese Smile Say Cheese

Food For Thought

Wicked Ole Candidates Not Need Apply


 Showboat Dave Artist, Poet, Song Writer, Musician

 O.G Genuine Seattle'

Duwamish River's Gem

 Mother Nature Mommy Bore A Heether 

Vintage Year August 1, 1956

Emerson Elementary

Rainier Beach High School Team Mascot Vikings

United States Navy Vietnam Era Veteran

San Diego 32nd Street Miramar Naval Air Station 

Seaman Airman

Sailed Part Of The Seven Seas Experienced A Lot

Life's Adventures School Of Hard Knox


Andela Andela Arriba

Make Way There's A New Kid In Town

Mayor Showboat Dave

Swing Vote'

May I Tip Hat To You

Can You Dig It

Seattle Strong

Quite Whimsy

Can I Get A Witness

  Dam Skippy !



206, 253, 425, 360 Around The World

 57th Academy Awards

2020-2021 Mayors Night Out

Best Picture, Best Actors & Actress's

Best Supporting Cast

Seattle Proper

Seattle City Hall

People Of Seattle

The Envelope Please

 And For The Oscar

The Winner 

Goes To

' " { The People Of Greater Seattle, Washington } " '


Komsomida, Mucho Gratuitos, Merci

U.B.I. $1,200.00

Showboat Dave


Seattle's Mayor Showboat Dave: Seattle Strong We Strut Sashay
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