David Ishii Born On The Duwamish River

Birth Seattle Washington Vintage Aug. 1, 1956

Mother Nature Bore A Rainier Beach High School Rug Rat Heether True Dat

Articulate Wisdom Words Spoken Artist, Poet, Song Writer, Musician 

United States Navy Airman / Seaman Vietnam Era Veteran  

San Diego California 32nd Street / Miramar Naval Air Station

Fly Girls, Fly Boys Sail Parts Of The Seven Seas Seen A Lot 

   Diamond In The Ruff, O.G. Evening Magazine G.Q. Gentleman Quarters Gem  

  Trick Or Treat Whoop's There It Is Titans And Goliath Mud Sling ?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Ding Ding Lion, Tigers And Bears Oh My

My Oh My Wicked Ole Thoughts The Evil Need Not Apply ! !

Glory Bee Love It Or Leave It GOD Bless America Land Of The Free ! 

Run David Run Seattle's Good Little Samaritans Is Like A Box Of Chocolate 

You'll Never Know What Your Gonna Get

Smear Campaign ?  Shame On You !  Stupid Is Is What A Stupid Does 

Above The The Belt Please Please Keep It Clean

Best Picture, Best Actors, Actress, Best Supporting Cast

The Envelope Purdy Please And For The Whole Enchiladas

Winner Goes To

  People Of Greater Proper Surrounding Area Of Seattle Washington



Thank You

May I Tip My Hat To You

Can I Get a Witness Dam Skippy


David Ishii

The Good Samaritan