David  Ishii Born On The Duwamish River

Birth Seattle Washington Vintage Aug. 1, 1956

Mother Nature Bore A Rainier Beach High School Rug Rat Heether True Dat

Articulate Wisdom Words Spoken Activist Artful Doodler Artist Poet Musician 

United States Navy Airman / Seaman Vietnam Era Veteran  

San Diego California 32nd Street / Miramar Naval Air Station

Fly Girls, Fly Boys Sail Parts Of The Seven Seas Seen A Lot 

   Diamond in The Ruff, O.G. Evening Magazine G.Q. Gentleman Quarters Gem  

Trick Or Treat Whoop's There It Is Titans And Goliath Mud Sling ?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Ding Ding Lion Tigers And Bears Oh My 

Wicked Ole Thoughts The Evil Need Not Apply ! !

Glory Beeeee Love It Or Leave It GOD Bless America Land Of The Free ! 

Run Booger Run 

Political Panthers Bipartisan Democratic Point Of View 

 Politics Is Like A Box Of See's Candy You Never Know What You'll Get

Smear Campaign ?  Shame On You ! !  A Stupid Is Is A Stupid Does 

Above The The Belt Please Please Keep It Clean ! !


Best Picture Best Actors Actress Best Supporting Cast

The Envelope Purdy Please And For The Whole Enchiladas

Winner Goes To

   People Of  Greater Proper Seattle Washington




May I Tip My Hat To You