Washington's Sin Tax


Simplicity Simplified Much Needed Lower Tax Rate !! !


Washington's Own Self Government Oil Refinery, Refueling Gasoline Stations 


Pick Up A Six Pack Of Soda Pop, Hot Dogs, Drumstick Wings, Twinkie And A Candy Bar


Cha-Ching All Goes Back To The State Much Needed Revenue


Irrational Exuberance Yippy Yah Ka Yea Major Windfall For All ! !

Washington Will Have


Totally Free Medical, Dental, Vision, Schooling




A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste Bring It On M.I.T Of America


Free Tuition At All Levels .. . Community, State, University College's


Your High Court Your Majesty $1.75 Regular, 92 Octane High Test Supreme


N.A.F.T.A Mother Lode Canada, Mexico Light Sweet Crude Oil

 Black Gold Texas Tea, Filler Up 99 Cent Arizona Sweet Tea 


Ladies And Gents, Madam Mom & Pops, Granny Gramps Start Your Engines


Back In The Black And We Won't Look Back


Washington Refueling Stations

Quite Whimsy

Can I Get A Witness

Damm Skippy