Little Fishy's Spawn Be Fruitful And Multiply Born Free As You Want To Be

Mister Gorbachev Please Tear Down These Dam's 

Dam Walls Dammit

    Whole Pacific Rim Molten Lava Near The Surface 

Geothermal Energy ! !


Fly By Drive By Look Active Plumes On Top Of Mount Rainier


Heat Of Passion Abundance Of Water Heat Of Molten Lava

Blessed Are We


     Spin Those Turbines Washington Clean Energy Come Clean


Jolly Green Giant

Go Fly A 


Go Fly A Windmill Turbine Kite

" Hum "

Head Wind Down Wind 

Constant Turbulence

Windmill Turbines In The Sky



Cal Poly, M.I.T Purdy Please Ween Us Off All Fossil Fuel 

Purdy Please


Saudi Arabia Aramco Oil Is Getting Out Of The

Oil Business

The Saudi's Are Going All The Way Live 

Solar Energy

Harnessing The Desert Sun


Kapso Kapsa

Hanford's Nuclear Waste

Clark Kent Superman Purdy Please Pass The Kryptonite

Purdy Please Purdy

Checkpoint Access Point

Geiger Counter

Please Purdy Purdy Please

Shine On Go Green 

We All Have A Voice

Win Place Or Show

All Systems Go

Geothermal Energy

Go Green

Power Of The Glow