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San Diego County, State Of California Will Have It's Own Government

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Show Me The Money, Mo Money, Mo MoneyMo Money

Sweet As Honey

Fill My Piggy Bank, Fill My Pockets

 Back Up The Brinks Truck



Economics 101a

San Diego Little Samaritans Stimulus Package


San Diego's Data Center, WebPortal, Search Engine


Paint The Town Red 

When It Rains It Pours

Pennies From Heaven Let It Rain !!

We The People For All Generations 

Back In The Black

Local And Tourist  A Hole To Burn Our Pockets 


In GOD We Trust  

' E Pluribus Unum ' 

We The People Land Of The Free 

Lady's And Gent's Start Your Search Engines

Out Of The Red Back In The Black

New Kid On The Block

Got Swag

Honest Abe



The Good Samaritan Dave